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With outdoor space becoming more precious in a changing world we have created a range of planters to augment or recreate outdoor living areas to suit your needs.

They come in a range of sizes (see below), and can be made in any colour you choose to complete your project.  They are waterproof and frost proof, providing a suitable environment for a range of plants from spring bulbs to perennials.  We have customers who have created a traditional English garden entirely using our planters on a small patio, turning a stark environment into a restorative and contemplative space.


50 litres – 600L x 300W x 300H | 120 Litres – 450L x 450W x 450H

200 litres – 600L x 600W x 600H | 300 litres – 900L x 600W x 600H


Our staddlestones are originally used to support wooden granaries keeping grain dry and free of pests these artifacts are very difficult to find – but we can make them for you. 

They are particularly good for keeping vehicles off your grassed areas and look good in any garden. 

Of course, if you wanted a garden hideaway for remote working (or just hiding from the hustle and bustle of life) a traditional style granary may be the perfect solution!

 75 kg in weight

Total Height: 500mm
Base: 360mm
Width Of Top: 570mm


Our reconstituted flagstones will provide the perfect accompaniment to a rural garden, in that once laid they appear to have been there for many years.

Colour matching with nearby buildings – or even your garden design means that an instant solution can be provided for all your paving needs.

Patio packs sold in 12.5 m2 packs | 860kg in weight

3 x 900 x 600mm | 6 x 600 x 600mm | 8 x 600 x 450mm | 6 x 600 x 300mm | 

4 x 450 x 300mm | 7 x 300 x 300mm | 7 x 450 x 450mm

The pack comes complete with a guide to laying, however as all the flagstones fit together you can produce infinite patterns. Several packs can be joined together without straight lines or crossed joints, by turning certain pieces through 90 degrees.

Standard thickness approximately 44mm with a recommended pointing gap of 10-20mm.

COBBLESTONE – Coming soon